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Pictures of the Klingon cavallerie

Date: lIghwI'pu' qep - Bikertreff 2006
Location: Höhr-Grenzhausen
Riders: Roland, Bettina, B'Elora, Mark, Kai, Daniel, Daniel, Peter, Cora , thalon, Rolf, ..., veSbe'


Date: Qetlop 2003/2
Location: Igersheim
Riders: B'Elora, SqoreH, veSbe', Korres, thalon

Many thanks to the Orga of that Qetlop for providing a horse stable.

0010-67 0010-69 113-1362 img 113-1363 img fz-q2003-2-038 fz-q2003-2-039
At that Qetlop all klingons were called as usually to group for a picture. We klingons of the cavallerie looked at each other, then looked at our bikes and nodded. We will ride to the group picture.

group movie
We rode there and made noise }};-). This was the first time, I think, that not only a group picture, but also a group movie was made.

fz-q2003-2-082 fz-q2003-2-083
Then we posed at the front gate.

Date: Qetlop 2005/2
Location: Farnsberg
Riders: Q'orat, Korax, veSbe'

Special thanks to P'Tar for building a mobile horse stable.
Later we posed behind the bar.
Q'orat Q'orat Q'orat
Korax Korax Korax
veSbe' veSbe' veSbe'